McCraw's Giant Flat Taffy 24 Piece


McCraw's Giant Flat Taffy 24 Piece

The delicious old-fashioned retro taffy you have grown to love, in a fun flat assortment. Slip one in your backpack for an afternoon snack, or enjoy anytime for a creamy nostalgic treat. 

Each piece is individually wrapped in wax paper.  

Flavors/colors may include:
Apple Pie, Banana Split, Blue Raspberry, Bubblegum, Wild Cherry, Chocolate, Strawberry, Grape, Vanilla, Peppermint, Watermelon, Cotton Candy, Licorice, Lemonade, Orange, Root Beer, Birthday Cake and Tutti Fruity

With 24 pieces of McCraw's Giant Flat Taffy per box, you'll have plenty to share with friends and family or enjoy all by yourself. Each piece of taffy measures approximately 12 inches, giving you a mouthwatering and satisfying treat every time.

McCraw's Giant Flat Taffy is perfect for satisfying your cravings and adding a touch of nostalgia to your day. Whether you're looking for a sweet treat to enjoy on-the-go or want to bring back memories of your childhood, this taffy is sure to delight your taste buds.

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