Dad's Root Beer Barrels


Dad's Root Beer Barrels

Discover the charm of Dad's Root Beer Barrels, where the classic meets the contemporary in a symphony of root beer flavor that’s made it a favorite among candy enthusiasts and, of course, dads everywhere!

Embrace the distinctive taste of Dad's Root Beer Barrels, where bold, robust root beer flavor dances on your taste buds. These hard candies are a timeless treat, capturing the essence of Dad's favorite beverage in a delightful and portable form.

These small barrels are packed with the amazing flavor of root beer, making you feel like you're enjoying a real root beer float. Dad's Root Beer Barrels are not just candies; they are a celebration of fatherhood and the cherished moments spent with dads. Whether you're a father yourself or looking to surprise the special dad in your life, these candies are the perfect choice for a sweet, sentimental treat.

For those seeking the same incredible taste without the guilt, Dad's Sugar Free Root Beer Barrels offer a guilt-free indulgence. Delight in the bold flavor, minus the sugar, making it an ideal choice for health-conscious candy lovers.

Gift a bag of Dad's Root Beer Barrels to add a touch of sweetness to birthdays, Father's Day, or any moment that calls for a nostalgic treat. It's a gesture that goes beyond the ordinary, invoking the warmth of cherished memories with every bite.

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Approx 60 Dad's Root Beer Barrels per pound. Each barrel is approx 1 inch. Made in the USA. 

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