Chick O Stick


Chick O Stick

Chick O Stick is the perfect nostalgic treat that will take you back to your childhood! Formerly known as "Chicken Bones" candy, this classic favorite has remained unchanged in both recipe and manufacturing since the 1940s. Indulge in the crispy goodness of these peanut butter treats, sprinkled with toasted coconut for a delightful twist.

Each piece measures approximately 1 inch in length, and you'll find about 75 Chick O Stick Bites in every pound. Made in the USA, this old-fashioned candy is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Experience the mouthwatering combination of crunchy peanut butter and toasted coconut with every bite of Chick O Stick. These bite-sized treats are perfect for any occasion and are sure to be a hit among candy lovers of all ages. Whether you're looking to satisfy your own cravings or share them with friends and family, Chick O Stick is the ultimate choice.

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