Black Shoestring Licorice Laces 2 Pounds


Black Shoestring Licorice Laces 2 Pounds

Soft and chewy black licorice laces, in the flavor that started it all!  This shoestring licorice will bring back memories of going to your local 'penny candy' counter.  

While black and red is the classic licorice candy color, these fun laces come in a variety of colors and flavors like Rainbow Shoestring Licorice and Grape Shoestring Licorice. Mix and match your laces for a fun treat the whole family can enjoy.

Great for decorating.

Black Shoestring Licorice Laces are approximately 36 inches long.

Approximately 50 Shoestring Licorice Laces per pound.

Made in Holland.

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Brands Gerrit Verburg
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