Slo Poke Caramels


Slo Poke Caramels

Slo Poke Caramels is a bite-size individually wrapped version of the original creamy, rich caramel. This retro candy classic brings back nostalgic memories of enjoying delicious sweets. Each pound of Slo Poke Caramels contains approximately 100 pieces, making it ideal for sharing or enjoying on your own. Made in the USA, these caramels are both Kosher Certified and Gluten Free, catering to various dietary preferences. Slo Poke Caramels are known for their slow-eating experience, allowing you to savor every bite. The creamy and rich texture combined with the authentic caramel flavor creates a truly delightful treat. These caramels are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth and are suitable for any occasion. Whether you want to reminisce about the old-fashioned candy days or simply enjoy a classic caramel candy, Slo Poke Caramels are the perfect choice. Order now and experience the nostalgic taste of Slo Poke Caramels. Visit Candy Nation for huge discounts on this retro candy classic.

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Atkinson Candy

Types of Candy:

Nostalgic Candy

Bulk Wrapped Candy, Gluten Free, Nostalgic Candy


Caramel Candy



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Bulk Wrapped Candy

Atkinson Candy

Caramel Candy

Old Fashioned Candy

Gluten Free Candy

Retro Candy

Father's Day Candy

1960s Candy

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