Slime Licker

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Slime Licker

Toxic Waste Slime Lickers are a fan-favorite sour candy. With its unique application and flavors, there’s no wonder Slime Licker candy is so popular.

So, how exactly do you eat this delicious candy? Slime Lickers feature a roll-on-your-tongue application. With each lick, you’ll get a sweet and sour flavor that explodes in your mouth.

But don’t be fooled by its name. This toxic waste candy tastes like anything but toxic waste. Slime Licker comes in two tasty flavors: Blue Raspberry and Strawberry. Both offer a fruity flavor that magically rolls onto the tongue to reveal a sour liquid.

Our Slime Licker boxes offer the best of both worlds: Blue Raspberry and Strawberry flavors. They’re the perfect treat for children’s birthday parties.

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Two flavors: Blue Raspberry and Strawberry

12 Slime Lickers per box.

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