Pastel Wrapped Buttery Caramels


Pastel Wrapped Buttery Caramels

Pastel Wrapped Buttery Caramels are decadent treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth. These delicious buttery caramels are wrapped in light pastel foils, including Lime Green, Light Pink, Light Blue, and Gold.  Each caramel has a chewy texture and a delicious flavor.  The gold caramels are butter rum, silver caramels are chocolate, and the light pink caramels have a delicious strawberry flavor.  The light blue caramels have a vanilla flavor, and the green caramels are apple.

Perfect for any occasion, these Pastel Wrapped Buttery Caramels are especially great for Easter. They will look fantastic in your Easter Candy dish and can also be added to your Easter Eggs for a delightful surprise. These caramels are the perfect spring treat to enjoy with family and friends.

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Don't miss out on these delightful caramels. Get your hands on the Pastel Wrapped Buttery Caramels today and experience the pure joy of savoring each bite. Order now and treat yourself to a truly exquisite confectionery delight.

Approx. 95 Pastel Wrapped Buttery Caramel pieces per pound.

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