Gummy Skulls and Bones


Gummy Skulls and Bones

Gummy Skulls and Bones - Perfect for pirate-themed parties and Halloween. Order now and enjoy spooky treats!

Gummy Skulls and Bones is the perfect assortment of gummy candy for your Pirate-themed parties and Halloween Candy buffet. Each skull and bone piece is approximately 2 inches in size. With approximately 69 gummy skulls and bones per pound, this product is great for sharing or stocking up for your own indulgence.

Made in the Netherlands, Gummy Skulls and Bones offer a creative twist to traditional gummy candies. The assortment of assorted colors adds a fun and vibrant touch to any candy display or treat bag.

If you're looking to add a unique touch to your candy collection, Gummy Skulls and Bones is the perfect addition. With a weight of 1 pound and an option to purchase in bulk, this product is suitable for satisfying your candy cravings or for serving a crowd at your next gathering.

Take your Halloween celebrations to the next level with Gummy Skulls and Bones. Order now and get your hands on these delectable treats before they run out!

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