Chewy Fruit Sours Balls Assorted

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Chewy Fruit Sours Balls Assorted

Chewy Fruit Sours Balls Assorted are sweet, sour, and delicious. These rainbow candy balls will make your lips pucker with their fruity flavors. With approximately 200 chewy fruit sours balls per pound, you'll have plenty to share or satisfy your own sour cravings.

The flavors in this assorted fruit sours candy include cherry, lemon, grape, tangerine, and sour apple. Each bite is a burst of tangy sweetness that will keep you coming back for more. Whether you're looking for a rainbow candy to brighten up your day or need some chewy candy to satisfy your sweet tooth, these Chewy Fruit Sours Balls are sure to hit the spot.

With its vibrant rainbow colors and irresistible flavors, this chewy candy is perfect for parties, events, or simply enjoying as a tasty treat. These chewy fruit sours balls are also great for candy buffets.

Indulge in the sour goodness of these chewy fruit sours balls. With their assorted flavors and rainbow colors, they're a visual and flavorful delight. Add them to your candy collection or get your hands on them for your next special occasion.

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