Black Licorice Pipes 60 Piece

Black Licorice Pipes 60 Piece - Classic black licorice flavor from the Netherlands. Each individually wrapped La Pipette is .6oz. Perfect for licorice lovers. Grab a pack now!
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Black Licorice Pipes 60 Piece

Black Licorice Pipes 60 Piece is the perfect candy treat for licorice lovers. Made by Warrell Products, this licorice candy comes with 60 individually wrapped licorice pipes in every order. Each pipe weighs 0.6 oz and has a classic black licorice flavor that will surely satisfy your cravings. This product is made in the Netherlands, ensuring its quality and authenticity.

The Black Licorice Pipes are a great addition to any licorice candy collection. They are perfect for those who love this unique and bold flavor. Good for any occasion, such as St. Patrick's Day, Father's Day, or simply just for indulging in a delicious snack.

The candy is easy to store, making it perfect for those who want to keep a stash of tasty treats in their pantry. 

For those who love black licorice, this candy is a must-try. The flavor is bold, and the texture is perfect. This candy is perfect to add to your collection, and it will bring a unique and delicious taste to any gathering.

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