Back to the 1950's Retro Treat Box


Celebrate the 1950's with this retro candy box bursting with candies popular during the decade.  These boxes make a great gift to celebrate a 50's birthday, or anytime you want to take a 'sweet' walk down memory lane.  Each 2lb box contains 60 pieces of assorted candy, including:

  • Sugar Daddy 
  • Atomic Fireball 
  • Dad's Root Beer Barrels 
  • Bit O'Honey 
  • Lifesavers 
  • Smarties 
  • Wax Bottles-4pk 
  • Candy Necklace 
  • Smarties Pop 
  • Tootsie Roll 
  • Chuckles 
  • Pay Day 
  • Wax Lips

Candy Nation, LLC. reserves the right to adjust the candy assortment based on in-stock status.

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