Sour Belts - Watermelon


Sour Belts - Watermelon

Sour Belts - Watermelon: Red and green striped sour belts with a super sour watermelon flavor. These sour belts are approx. 9'' long and coated in sour sugar. Perfect for sour candy lovers, these belts are sure to satisfy your sweet and sour cravings. Order now and enjoy the mouth-puckering taste of watermelon. Made by Dorval, the sour belts are a popular choice among candy enthusiasts. Each pound of sour belts contains approximately 50 belts. The belts are high-quality, with a great watermelon flavor that will leave you craving for more. You can enjoy these sour belts on their own or combine them with other candies to create a custom candy mix. With their vibrant red color and tangy taste, these sour belts are a must-try for candy lovers.

Sour Belts - Watermelon: Super sour watermelon flavored belts. Perfect for sour candy lovers. Order now!

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