Haribo Gold Bears Mini Packs 54ct


Haribo Gold Bears Mini Packs 54ct

Haribo Gold Bears Mini Packs 54ct are the perfect fruity gummy candy in a convenient mini size! These delicious gummies come in small packets that are ideal for a treat with lunch, handing out to Trick-or-Treaters, or simply munching on whenever you crave something sweet. The iconic gold pack has now been miniaturized to provide the same great taste in a more portable form.

With 54 mini packs in each order, you'll have plenty of Haribo Gold Bears to enjoy. Each pack contains 0.5oz of gummy candy, making it the perfect portion size for a quick snack. Whether you're a fan of gummy candy or you can't resist the fruity flavors, these mini packs are sure to satisfy your cravings.

At Candy Nation, we are proud to offer a wide variety of Haribo candies, and these Gold Bears Mini Packs are no exception. With over 3,000 products ready to ship, we are confident that you'll find your favorite gummy bears and much more. Order your Haribo Gold Bears Mini Packs now and experience the delightful taste of these fruity gummy candies. Perfect for any occasion, these mini packs are a must-have.

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