Big Hunk Candy Bars


Big Hunk Candy Bars

Big Hunk Candy Bars - A true retro candy classic, this bar has a chewy honey-sweetened nougat with whole roasted peanuts. Wrapped and ready to go in bite-size pieces. Approx 28 Mini Big Hunk Candy Bars per pound. Made in the USA.

This delicious confection is perfect for those who enjoy a sweet treat with a bit of crunch. The chewy nougat combined with the roasted peanuts creates a delightful texture that will satisfy your cravings. Each bar is individually wrapped, making it convenient to take on the go or share with friends and family.

With its bite-size pieces, the Big Hunk Candy Bars are great for snacking or including in desserts. They can add a touch of sweetness to your favorite recipes or be enjoyed on their own. Whether you're hosting a party or just indulging in a late-night treat, these candy bars are sure to please.

Experience the joy of this beloved candy classic by ordering Big Hunk Candy Bars from Candy Nation. With our affordable prices and wide selection of candies, you can indulge in your favorite sweet treats without breaking the bank. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get your hands on these delightful candy bars - order now!

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