Red Shoestring Licorice Laces 2 Pounds

Red Shoestring Licorice Laces 2 Pounds - enjoy the classic taste of sweet strawberries with these fun and playful laces. Perfect for snacking or a children's birthday party. Each string is approx 2.5 feet in length. Approx 100 strings in a bag. Made in Holland.

Red Shoestring Licorice Laces 2 Pounds

Take a walk down memory lane with these Red Shoestring Licorice Laces. Tie them, braid them, or lasso these sweet treats to have as much fun playing with them as you do eating them.

These delightful treats are the perfect combination of delicious taste and playful entertainment. Each 2-pound bag contains approximately 100 strings of licorice—each string measuring about 2.5 feet in length—making them the perfect snack for everyday indulgence or a fun addition to children's parties.

What sets these laces apart from others on the market is their delightful strawberry flavor and soft, chewy texture. They're a joy to eat and even more fun to play with. And, if you're looking to mix things up, Red Shoestring Licorice also comes in other fun colors and flavors like Black Shoestring Licorice and Grape Shoestring Licorice. Mix and match to create a unique treat the whole family will love.

Gerrit Verburg has been creating delicious licorice since 1977, so you can trust that each and every bite of Red Shoestring Licorice Laces is packed with bold flavor and quality. Plus, they're Non-GMO and perfect for anyone seeking a retro candy experience.

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Approx. 50 Shoestring Licorice pieces per pound.

Made in Holland

Old Fashioned Candy

Licorice Candy

Red Candy


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Brands Gerrit Verburg
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