Rainbow Twizzlers

Rainbow Twizzlers offer miles of twisty fun for snack time, with six fruity flavors in every pack. Indulge in the classic candy that's been around since 1845, with approximately 40 pieces per pound. Perfect for sharing or on-the-go snacking, enjoy the rainbow of flavors in every bite.

Rainbow Twizzlers

Rainbow Twizzlers are the perfect snack to bring miles of twisty fun to any moment of your day. Whether you’re looking for a snack to enjoy during your work break, movie time, or even on the road, Rainbow Twizzlers have got you covered. With its fruity assorted flavor, everybody can enjoy these twists of joy whether they’re vegan or not.

The rainbow colors of this licorice candy include Pink for the strawberry flavor, Orange for the orange flavor, Yellow for the lemonade flavor, Green for the watermelon flavor, Blue for the blue raspberry flavor, and Purple for the grape flavor.

Twizzlers have been around since 1845 and continue to be a popular favorite candy. Each pound comes with approximately 40 Twizzlers, so you’ll never run out of your favorite candy.

Enjoy a fun snack sharing experience by looking at our Twizzlers Rainbow Wrapped options as well, adding a pop of color to any gathering.

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Approx. 40 Twizzler Rainbow pieces per pound.

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