Pixy Stix

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Pixy Stix

Enjoy delicious Pixy Stix filled with fruit-flavored powder. While you might know them as the old-fashioned candy you used to know and love, their unique history might surprise you.

Surprisingly enough, Pixy Stix were originally meant to be used as a drink mixture. But kids liked the power so much that they decided to eat it instead of mixing it in the drink. Since then, Pixy Stix have been a fan favorite for Halloween, parties, and gatherings alike.

Pixie Stix comes in 4 different fruit flavors, including Orange, Grape, Blue Raspberry, and Cherry. Pick your favorite flavor or enjoy them all—not at once, of course!

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Each stick is approximately 6 inches long.

Approximately 185 Pixie Sticks per pound.

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Brands Wonka
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