Nerds Rope


Nerds Rope

There’s nothing in life sweeter than a treat that’s both fun to play with and delicious to eat. Nerds Rope is an iconic sweet and tangy treat that explodes with flavor in each bite.

Nerds Rope candy is made of a chewy, fruity candy rope that stretches so far (12 inches to be exact) that you can share it with your friends—that is, if you want to. But what makes this treat so unique are the nerds that coat the gummy rope.

A rainbow of crunchy Nerds covers the rope, which makes for a sweet and crunchy flavor in each bite. Whether for a birthday party or gathering, Nerds Ropes will satisfy your sweet tooth and make for a fun snack break.

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About this item

Approx. 12 inches in length. 

Each box contains 24 Rainbow Nerds Ropes.

Made in the USA.

Nerds Candy

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