Honey Spoons 10 Piece

Indulge in the sweet flavor of our Honey Spoons 10 Piece. Hand-poured and made in the USA, these clover honey spoons are perfect for sweetening your favorite hot beverages. Order today and experience the delightful taste of honey in every sip.


Honey Spoons 10 Piece

Honey Spoons 10 Piece Clover Honey Spoons are the perfect way to sweeten your tea or coffee. Place in your hot beverage and stir in the sweetness.

The honey candy flavor adds a touch of sweetness to any drink, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy a hint of honey in their beverages.

Each spoon weighs approximately 0.4oz, providing just the right amount of sweetness for your drink. Order your Honey Spoons 10 Piece today and experience the delightful flavor of honey in your favorite hot drink. Made in the USA, these honey candy spoons are a delightful treat for any occasion.

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