Gummy Chicks


Gummy Chicks

Gummy Chicks Gummy Chicks They might not chirp but these Gummy Chicks are the perfect Easter gifts. There are 4 beautiful pastel colors in the assortment: yellow, green, blue, and pink. For more Easter Candy, shop Candy Nation. The beautiful pastel colors of the Gummy Chicks make them a perfect choice for spring and Easter celebrations. They add a touch of sweetness and color to any occasion. Approximately 40 Gummy Chicks per pound. They are perfect for filling up Easter baskets or using as decorations for your Easter events. Shop Candy Nation for more Easter candy and discover a wide variety of sweets to satisfy your cravings. Order now and enjoy the delightful taste of Gummy Chicks at your holiday festivities! Easter Basket Candy Gummy Chicks are the perfect addition to any Easter basket. Their vibrant pastel colors and delicious taste will delight kids and adults alike. Fill your Easter basket with these adorable Gummy Chicks and make your celebrations even sweeter. Egg Filler Candy If you're looking for a fun and colorful candy to fill your Easter eggs, Gummy Chicks are the perfect choice. Their small size and delightful shape make them ideal for hiding inside plastic eggs. Kids

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Gummy Candy

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