Gummy Christmas Mix


Gummy Christmas Mix

Gummy Christmas Mix is the perfect festive blend of holiday gummies. Crafted by Albanese Confectionery, this delightful mixture includes an adorable assortment of gummy treats that will bring joy to your taste buds. With Red Trees in cherry flavor, Green Trees in apple flavor, and White Snowman in strawberry banana flavor, this mix promises a burst of fruity goodness in every bite.

Made in the USA with care and attention to detail, Gummy Christmas Mix offers a delectable experience that will leave you craving for more. These gummy candies are perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of holiday cheer to their celebrations. Whether you're hosting a Christmas party or simply want to indulge in some festive treats, these gummies are sure to delight.

Experience the magic of Christmas with Gummy Christmas Mix. Order now and discover the joy of these delectable holiday gummies!

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