Black Licorice Ice Chalk

Black Licorice Ice Chalk: crispy white exterior, soft black licorice center with a peppermint taste. Approx. 160 pieces per pound. Non-GMO. Made in the Netherlands.

Black Licorice Ice Chalk

Black Licorice Ice Chalk is a unique and delicious candy with a crispy white-coated outside and a soft, jelly-like black licorice inside. The peppermint taste adds a refreshing twist to the classic flavor of black licorice. Each pound of this bulk candy has approximately 160 Licorice Ice pieces.

This candy is made by Gerrit Verburg, a renowned Dutch candy manufacturer. Black Licorice Ice Chalk is made with non-GMO ingredients, so you can indulge in this candy with peace of mind. This candy is perfect for snacking at home, sharing with friends, or adding to dessert tables.

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