Big Bol Candy


Big Bol Candy

Get ready for a jaw-dropping adventure with Super Big Bol Candy! It's not just gum — it's a chew-tastic experience that takes your taste buds on a wild ride. This isn't your average retro bubble gum treat. Super Big Bol is a hard candy with a mouthwatering bubble gum filling, making it the best of both worlds.

Once a penny candy, the joy of Big Bol lies in its playful flavors and colossal size. Featuring a delightful array of fruit flavors such as strawberry, watermelon, grape, and more, this chewing gum has earned its place as a top choice for bubble gum enthusiasts. Its substantial size and intense flavors cater to those who love creating colossal bubbles, offering a truly enjoyable chewing experience.

The introduction of Big Bol, made by Albert’s Candy, marked an exciting shift in the candy world, with its larger-than-life size and a burst of delightful flavors. It quickly became a favorite among those who cherished not only the deliciousness of candy but also the joy of savoring something substantial and fun. Since its inception, Big Bol has continued to delight candy lovers of all ages, making it a timeless treat that carries the legacy of the candy industry's creative and innovative spirit.

Grab a pack of Albert’s Big Bol Candy Gum today and embark on a flavor-packed journey filled with epic bubbles, vibrant colors, and endless fun. Chew big, blow bigger, and savor the extraordinary taste of Super Big Bol!

Individually wrapped to share the nostalgia with friends.

Approximately 40 Big Bol Candy Bubble Gum pieces per pound.

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