Clear Toy Candy - Barley Toys

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Clear Toy Candy - Barley Toys

Clear Toy Candy is the perfect old fashioned treat that is both fun to play with and eat. Also known as barley candy toys and barley sugar, these terms are used interchangeably to refer to clear molded sugar candy. Traditionally made in three colors: clear, red, and green, and were known as “the trinity.”

These assorted candy toys come in a variety of shapes including a train, stroller, and popular animals. Each one features a different clear color, but they all offer the same great taste.

The extract of barley (barley sugar) gave this old fashioned candy a unique taste and color—very different from cane sugar used in most candy. While the manufacturer no longer uses Barley extract, this old fashioned Christmas candy is still a sweet treat and a lovely trip down memory lane.

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ATTENTION: This candy is fragile and will sometimes break during shipping. While we want your candy to arrive unbroken we, unfortunately, have no control over shipping methods which can cause damage to these lightweight candies.

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