Chocolate Filled Mint Twists


Menta chocolate filled mint twists.  Green and gold striped fringes for a classy look.

William Smith, a very rich businessman, was hosting a party for all his friends. It wasn't going to be a wild party like he had in college, but a more elegant, high class party. William's servant, Joe, was out shopping for food and drink for the party. William had said to Joe that he wanted some sort of a candy at his party along with other foods. As Joe was picking out a nice turkey to roast for the party, he got an idea. "I will choose a candy that has that sweet chocolate flavor that everyone loves with a more elegant taste to it as well!" he thought. When Joe walked down the candy aisle in his local supermarket, he spied a box of Chocolate Filled Mint Twists. "Perfect!" Joe said aloud.  Later that evening, at Williams party, the candy was a huge hit. All the guests loved it! They asked Joe what they were. He replied, "Chocolate Filled Mint Twists." 



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