Assorted Fruit Slices


A chewy jelly slice of fruit flavored candy! Once you have one you can't stop!

I was out on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State one bright sunny day, and drove by a cute little farmer's market. I turned the car around and drove back to the market. When I stepped inside, a wave of cool air hit my face. I looked around at the many different fruits, vegetables, snacks, etc. When I walked around the corner, I saw it...

A bin of Assorted Fruit Slices candy was there just waiting for me to come along. I walked as if in a trance toward the colorful fruit candies. I grabbed a bag and scooped in a whole scoop of those tantalizing candies. All along the drive home, I enjoyed those candies to the very last one!

  • Assorted fruit flavors

  • Chewy and sweet

  • Shaped like a slice of fruit

  • Approx 32 per pound

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Brands Ferrara Pan Candy
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