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1960s Candy

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Ready to be reminded of the delectable bulk 1960s candy you used to love?

Bulk 1960s Candy

We have a large selection of old-fashion candy that is sure to jog your memory—but don’t take our word for it.

The 1960s were all about love and harmony. And there’s nothing as lovely as the sweet taste of Twizzlers and Swedish Fish. But red wasn’t the only popular color in the 60s.

Multi-colored candy like Razzles, Pixy Sticks, and Starbursts was all the rave. And we can’t forget Astro Pops. First introduced during the U.S. Space Race, the Astro Pop is a true retro favorite.

Some things never change, such as candy bars like 100 Grand and the unique fruit flavor of Banana Split Taffy. Of course, now you can get all of your 60s candy favorites delivered to your door in bulk. We’ve even put together top candy favorites in our 1960s Candy Box. Now that’s a lot easier than taking a trip to the candy store.

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