Milk Duds 5 oz Box 12 Pack


Milk Duds 5oz Box 12 Pack. 

For a delicious bite of chocolate and chewy caramel, shop our wide selection of Milk Duds. At Candy Nation, we have the classic round confection that will last through closing credits!

Milk Duds are made of 'toffee-like' caramel that is hard at first and then softens in your mouth. Milk Dud candies were introduced by F. Hoffman & Co. of Chicago in 1928. These chewy caramel candies got their name because their maker found it impossible to get the chocolate-covered caramels to form perfectly round balls. These imperfect balls were called “duds.”

Looking for the perfect movie candy, Milk Duds go great mixed in your popcorn. An original iconic box of Milk Duds will give you that authentic movie theater feels. There's nothing 'dud' about these delicious treats. Impress your guests with delicious chocolate-covered Milk Duds that will disappear before your eyes.

No matter the occasion for Milk Duds, this iconic candy will be a hit at your next gathering or movie night. Shop your favorite Milk Duds at Candy Nation!

Each box is 5oz.  12 Milk Duds boxes per order.

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