Lunchable Gummy Pizza Kit 5 Pack

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Lunchable Gummy Pizza Kit 5 Pack

Lunchable Gummy Pizza Kits are the perfect interactive treat for any occasion. With 60 fruit-flavored gummies and 2 liquid candy pizza sauce packets, this kit has enough gummies to build 6 gummy pizzas. The kit includes 6 gummy pizza crusts, 24 gummy mozzarella cheese pieces, and 30 gummy pepperoni slices, so you can build your pizza just the way you like it.

This novel and playful candy set by Frankford Candy is perfect for birthday parties, special events and even for road trips. You can surprise your family and friends with a fun interactive treat and build your own lunchable style gummy pizza.

The Lunchable Gummy Pizza Kit is a delicious, whimsical candy and is sure to be loved by everyone. It is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth and love the unique texture of gummy candies. Each component of the kit is fruit-flavored and designed to look just like a real pizza, making it an ideal choice for parties and snack time.

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Gummy Pizza Kit contains 60 gummies

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