Laffy Taffy Cherry 145 Piece

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Laffy Taffy Cherry 145 Piece

Laffy Taffy Cherry 145CT is an old-time favorite candy that combines juicy, tangy flavors with a burst of cherry goodness. Made in the USA, this delightful treat will leave you craving for more. Each order includes 145 pieces of Laffy Taffy Cherry. Plus, Laffy Taffy comes with a surprise joke printed on the wrapper, adding an extra element of fun to your candy experience.

Laffy Taffy Cherry is a chewy candy that is perfect for any occasion. Its vibrant red color makes it visually appealing, and its cherry flavor makes it a delicious and refreshing treat. Whether you're hosting a party, attending a parade, or simply craving something sweet, Laffy Taffy Cherry is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

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  • Cherry Candy
  • Parade Candy
  • 1970s Candy
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