Gummy Red Raspberry


Soft gummy candy in the shape and color of red raspberries.  Plump and bursting with flavor!  Super low fat!  I love it when gummy candy has a texture like these berries - they have little gummi bumps at the top - makes eating candy more fun.


When I was a kid we used to eat blackberries from our own backyard bush but for raspberries we used to eat red raspberries from our neighbors bush!  The girl next door was my friend and her parents were friends with my parents.  So they told me it was ok to eat all I wanted.  Those were the days - those raspberries were plump and fresh!  If you do not mind elevating your colesterol then go ahead and place fresh raspberries in heavy cream, sprinkle a little sugar on top and make your day perfect!  These gummi raspberries are made in the USA.



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Brands Albanese Confectionery
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