Gummy Bacon and Hotdogs 4ct


Gummy Bacon and Hotdogs 4ct

Gummy Bacon and Hotdogs puts a fun spin on an American classic and is sure to make any event or gathering more memorable.

With its eye-catching packaging designed to look like a bacon and hotdog, it's sure to draw attention and spark conversations. In each pack, you'll get four gummies in the shape of hotdogs and strips of bacon. 

The fruity flavors beautifully complement the texture of the gummies, creating an unmatched taste. The Gummy Bacon and Hotdogs 4ct are perfect for entertaining friends and family or as a fun gift for kids. 

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Types of Candy


  • Novelty Candy



  • Gummy Candy


Each order contains two boxes of gummy bacon and two boxes of gummy hotdogs

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