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Candy Nation accepts the following payment methods:  All major credit cards and PayPal.
Need information about a particular candy? 
Please fill out the form below and describe the candy you are inquiring about in detail.
Unable to order due to website error? 
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What happened to my order?
When your order ships, we immediately send a tracking number to your email. Please note: If you do not receive a response from Candy Nation within a reasonable amount of time, our email may be blocked by your spam filters or in your bulk email/trash folder.  Also, keep in mind that your tracking number may not show movement within the system until later at night when the delivery carrier scans at their sorting facility.
Cancel my order.
Absolutely we can cancel your order. Please be aware, orders that were shipped before you inform us cannot be canceled. Please remember to write the words "CANCEL ORDER" in the comments.
Change my shipping address.
Unfortunately, we cannot change your shipping address due to credit card processing issues. Our processing partners require us to cancel your order. We ask that you re-order with our apologies.
We will happily add or delete candy from your order. Of course, if your candy already shipped we won’t be able to perform this service. Please remember to write "ADD CANDY" or "DELETE CANDY" in the comments.
Thank you for letting us fix your issue. Please describe the problem we need to resolve.