Gummy Cherry Cola Bottles


Gummy Cherry Cola Bottles

Gummy Cherry Cola Bottles are the perfect treat for cherry cola lovers. Each bottle is bursting with the irresistible cherry cola flavor that will satisfy your sweet tooth. With approximately 63 cherry cola bottles per pound, you can enjoy these gummy candies for days. Whether you're craving cherry candy, soda candy, or gummy candy, these cleverly designed gummy bottles have got you covered. Order your Gummy Cherry Cola Bottles now to satisfy your candy cravings.

Gummy Cherry Cola Bottles provide an unforgettable cherry cola experience in gummy candy form. These delectable treats combine the classic cherry and cola flavors to create a taste sensation that is sure to delight your taste buds. The vibrant red color adds to the visual appeal, making them a hit at any candy display or event.

The Gummy Cherry Cola Bottles are packaged in a convenient 1-pound bag, allowing you to enjoy them on the go or share with friends and family. Each bottle is individually crafted to resemble a real soda bottle, adding a touch of fun to your snacking experience.

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