Smarties Candy Necklaces Wrapped


Pastel colored candy necklaces are another one of my favorite candies of all time!  My youngest son likes them tremendously second only to Smarties.  Why?  Of course they taste great but mainly because he can wear them so that they are easily available anytime.  Candy necklaces are just convenient.  Wearing candy is not only stylish but useful because your candy is always at hand.  In case you have been living under a rock or are not yet 5 years old then a candy necklace is a string with beads strung and knot tied to form a circular candy necklace.


  • Travel friendly and jogger friendly
  • Low cost alternative to a string of pearls
  • Approx. 20 per pound
  • Wrapped which is great for giveaways or parties
  • Length of necklace is 6.5 inches
  • Each individual bead color is light blue, pink, light yellow, and white
  • The beads are attached to a string in a circle so the necklace may be worn
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