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Licorice Candy

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There’s nothing quite like the delicious taste of old-fashioned licorice candy. This sweet treat has transformed into a rainbow of varieties, including popular fruit flavors and unique shapes. And if you’ve ever had licorice candy, you know you can’t just have one! Candy Nation offers a variety of bulk licorice candy to choose from.

With so many different varieties to choose from, it can be hard to choose your favorite. Do you prefer red licorice candy, like Twizzlers, or traditional black licorice? The flavors couldn’t be more different, but both are loved for their bold, chewy taste.

If you’re looking for a candy that’s a little more unique, pick up a pack of Rainbow Twizzlers instead. Don’t forget the iconic Red Licorice Wheels and Red Shoestring Licorice.

Whatever your heart deserves (or should we say stomach), we have a large selection of the best licorice candies you know and love!

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