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Bright, bold, long-lasting, and chewy. Shop the best selections of Now and Later candies at Candy Nation.

Now and Laters

We have all your favorite assorted flavors. Choose one or enjoy them all!

This tiny and tasty fruit-flavored taffy candy is a good time, now or later. Now and Later candies were created in 1919 in Brooklyn, New York. A little company invented these penny saltwater taffies as a deliciously tasty treat when you need a pick-me-up. The original slogan for these tasty treats was, “Eat some now, save some for later.”

An all-time American staple, Now and Later candies come in an assortment of colors and flavors. If you can’t decide and want to enjoy them all, shop Assorted Now and Laters, perfect for parties and grab bags. Now with more options than ever, shop for your favorite flavors such as grape, watermelon, extreme sour, strawberry, and more. These classic taffy fruit-flavored candies are perfect for Halloween bags or to fill your pinatas and watch the laughter explode.

No matter the flavor or type of Now and Later taffy candies you choose, this staple will be a hit at your next party or for keeping around the house. Shop all your favorite Now and Later taffy candies at Candy Nation!

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