Atomic Fireballs Wrapped Medium


These are the larger atomic fireballs (now re-named medium by the manufacturer).  We also carry the smaller version.  This candy is super hot!  Try keeping one in your mouth for more than 30 seconds to test the strength of your taste muscles.  The atomic fireball was invented in the 1950s by a chicago candy entrepreneur's son.  The texture of the round atomic fireball is quite smooth on the outside of the red ball.  As you suck (do not bite into this hard confection!) the round atomic fireball the sweet red part will disolve.  You say to yourself what's the big deal?!  Then all of the sudden bam!!  bam!!  bam!!  You go into taste schock when you find out this beautiful candy is hotter than fire!  


3/4 inch

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Brands Ferrara Pan Candy
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