Atomic Fireballs 200CT


Atomic Fireball Thoughts:


  • Atomic fireballs are a hot cinnamon candy made by Ferrara Pan Candy. 
  • They are super hard so don't try to bite them until the very end when they are tiny balls in your mouth.  Even then be careful!  read somewhere that if you keep them in a closed jar for a long time they get hotter.  Is this true?  I do not know - perhaps I'll try someday. 
  • Atomic fireballs were invented in 1954 by Nello Ferrara who was the son of the founder of Ferrara Pan.  1/2 inch in size
  • It's interesting to see how these spicy fireballs are manufactured.  They start with a very tiny core and build up the size through hot panning.  Sweet ingriedients are added a little at a time in layers to make the final round fireball product.



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