Anise Squares Sanded Unwrapped


Are you an old time candy lover? Then the old time Anise flavored red squares that have a sanded look to them are perfect for you!

I am nostalgic. Whenever I do anything, watch sports, eat candy, etc., I always remember what it used to be like. I am a huge San Diego Chargers fan, so I remember and cherish the memory of Ladainian Tomlinson and Marty Schottenheimer. Candy, to me, is all about the old times. Whenever I go to those cute little candy shops in historical towns, I always go for the old time candy. Whether it be Necco Wafers, Now & Later, or Marathon Bars, I love the taste of the olden days. 

However, there is one candy that stands above all others. This candy shines like a ray of light coming down from the heavens. This candy is Anise Squares! The wonderful licorice herb flavor fills my mouth with just a single square. The grainy sugar gives me that perfect nostalgic feel and flavor. I really love this candy!

  • Red in color
  • Sanded look
  • Approx 120 squares per pound
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